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Illumination, especially morning light, can have impact on weight loss.

I am always trying to learn more and more about healthy living. Here is a newer subject/idea for me to learn: the value of natural light. The morning sunshine rays turn out to be extremely valuable when it comes to quality sleep, mood regulation and even weight loss! Light entering the eyes penetrates deep to the cellular level, impacting, well everything. As I discover and learn more I ask myself, why am I not getting more of this? IT'S FREE TO EVERYONE! It's easy too!

So much of my daily work routine is inside, under artificial light. Can you relate? And yet I, too, struggle with living a healthy, optimum life. Well, after reading the following journal article from PLOS ONE I now eagerly want to make more time for this amazing resource. Check it out.

Light Levels and Weight loss article
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Stacy Davis, MSC, PFT, Owner

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