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How to choose a personal trainer: Questions to ask and non-negotiables for you

Tips to finding a high quality personal trainer

Going into a big gym chances are you have seen a personal trainer working with someone. There are all types of trainers around. From males to females to new to veterans each tend to have a specialty. Next time you find yourself in the gym observe a training session. What kinds of exercises is the client doing? What are the facial expressions from both parties? Have you seen that particular trainer around or are they new?

It is important to find someone you can connect with as well as trust. A quality trainer must be knowledgeable in their field. I have encountered several doctors in my life where they are personable but lack an understanding what to do. The opposite is true. A knowledgeable doctor does not always mean a great bedside manner. This is true with trainers too. Knowledgeable and a good personality are non-negotiables if you want a good personal trainer.

Here are some questions to ask trainers as you consider your next step in fitness:

  1. What certifications do they have?

  2. How are they improving their knowledge in the field? In other words, do they new relevant research?

  3. What do they consider important in a training session?

  4. How much do they charge?

  5. How much experience do they have?

  6. What type of training do they offer? Is it just strength? Just flexibility? A variety of techniques?

training in the gym
Client working with personal trainer

Enjoy the process! Remember it is to your best interest to ask the questions.

By: Stacy Davis, MSc, PFT

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