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Common questions for a personal trainer

As a personal trainer I have been asked a variety of questions about fitness over the years. Some of the most common ones will be found in this blog. Let's get started.

Question 1: How many days a week should I lift weights?

Answer: Well, generally speaking, 2-3 days of strength training is recommended for the general population. This may change depending on say if you are training for a powerlifting competition. Or, if you are training for your next marathon lifting weights is a must but it looks differently. If you are wanting to simply get stronger for everyday activities, start with 2 days a week and work up to 3 days.

Question 2: Do you recommend squats if you have a low back pain?

Answer: Yes! This may come as a shock for a lot of you. Low back pain typically, but not always, has to do with a muscoskeletal imbalance above or below the site of pain. Squats help determine where that imbalance is occurring. Squats are necessary movement when it comes to longevity. Better squats, better health.

Question 3: Are personal trainers like I see on TV where they are aggressive, loud and domineering?

Answer: I will answer for me. I am the opposite of what you find. What I mean is, I am kind, good-natured, and always have your best in mind. I do not put you through a workout program or select exercises that are beyond your ability. Confidence, enjoyment and empowerment are three foundational components that I value.

Do you find yourself asking one or all of these questions? Are you on the fence of maybe seeing what a personal trainer is like? Why not start 2023 with a new, different approach to see what happens.

Stacy Davis, Msc., PFT

Owner, Restore Fitness

Certified personal trainer and biomechanics specialist
Stacy Davis, Msc., PFT

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