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Free Admission to National Parks (2024). Create a new experience for your health and fitness journey.

Colorado Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

January 15th

April 20th

June 19th

August 4th

September 28th

November 11th

What do all these dates have in common? They are the 2024 Free Admission days to National Parks. Below is a list of the national parks in Colorado:

  1. Rocky Mountain: between Estes Park and Grand Lake

  2. Mesa Verde: In southwest, near Cortez

  3. Great Sand Dunes: near Alamosa; 150k-acre park

  4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison: 53 miles of narrow gorge near Montrose

In 2024 for your health and fitness goals, I offer that benefits are overwhelming when we step into nature. We live in such a beautiful state that offers so much to our well-being.

From hiking to what is referred to as "forest bathing" to skiing there are ways to reduce stress and improve your health. I will offer that to take advantage of days, free of charge, for health and wellness activities will be overall beneficial for you.


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