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The more you know about: Onions & Garlic, the better you're food tastes.

Onions for cooking
Red Onion

I often cook with onions and/or garlic. Here's the thing though: most of the time I choose a red onion to cook with because I have no idea what kind I should actually use! Green onions or scallions? Which one do you say? Guess what, they are the same thing! I know that storing garlic in the fridge is a no-no. What I didn't know is to NOT store by the stove. Whoops! Oh the things I continue to learn!

The article below, from UCHealth, gives such insight into both onions and garlic. Plus, a tip on how to avoid the tears when slicing and dicing.


Check out this short clip on how to peel off the "paper" from garlic pods too! SUPER EASY!!!

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Stacy Davis, Msc., PFT, Owner of Restore Fitness

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