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Exploring your local grocery store and all it has to offer

I recently have been wanting to do more for the community especially when it comes to animal rescue. I have such a heart for dog rescues. Why do I tell you this? Well, I am in the middle of my meal planning ideas for the week, looking at coupons (of course!) and I click on something called "Community Rewards." Ever heard of it?

For King Soopers

(I am not sure about other grocery stores at the moment) you can link your rewards card to a local organization. There are well over 1,000 organizations on my search. No extra fee, no extra dollars to you. WHAT???? How have I not know what my local store has to offer! If you want your dollar to go even further, especially in the economic times we are in, check your community rewards. The one I have selected is Soul Dog Rescue based out of Fort Lupton:

Now, it's not in Greenwood Village or Centennial but it's a dog rescue that actually takes these shelter animals OUTSIDE for a pack walk.

Now how many shelters do you hear do that? So cool!

Okay, I'll get off the dog rescue for just a second. What else does your grocery store have for you besides pickup and delivery? How about meal planning and recipes? From fresh ideas to slow cooker recipes this a great way to start your nutritional planning. If you need a fresh start, new ideas or simply don't know where to begin, start here. We browse Amazon all the time. Okay, at least I do, I'll admit it. Are we browsing on how to improve our health? I'm not simply talking videos on Tik Tok or youtube. We have resources within our reach to better our health. Let's use them!!

For instance, I will be doing a slow cooker recipe this week found on my kings soopers account.

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Bowls

Can you say YUM!!!!

Now it's your turn: GO EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN!

Stacy Davis, Msc, PFT

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