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Causes OVER Symptoms when it comes to weight loss

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Weight fluctuates for multiple reasons. We tend to search the great master of information, Google, for the latest diet that seems doable. “Everybody is doing it.” This may seem like a childhood thing to say yet it rings true when it comes to health and fitness. Diets can address the symptoms of such changes. Digging into the root causes of weight fluctuation is where the real work begins.

Hormonal imbalances can be causes for such a change.

Let’s talk about insulin!

Insulin manages our blood sugar levels. The regulation of this hormone is critical. When we grow overweight or obese the insulin response becomes stagnant; therefore, instead of insulin sensitivity it turns to insulin resistance. So if the symptom of weight gain is insulin resistance medication can be taken to help. However, the root cause must ultimately be addressed if you want to see any change: excess body fat.

It’s all about the MOVEMENT! Dedicated hours during the week for fitness training is a must to stay healthy. There are also strategies to implement at work, at the grocery store, at home to help with additional movement and thus, reducing excess body fat. It is the called “A NEAT way to burn calories.”

NEAT: Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis

1. Walking to work

2. Taking stairs not elevators

3. Parking farther away from the store’s entrance

4. Daily and/or nightly walks

5. Standing and walking every hour

An important reminder when it comes to your personal weight journey: Find something fun and realistic for YOUR life. You may not like to run. That’s okay! Movement is broad. Maybe kickboxing is your thing. Maybe it is swimming. Whatever activity you like to do, there’s no better time than to start right now. Start digging into what your root cause is that is stopping you for your best life possible.


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