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Reading for Health

I have recently taken up a new but old hobby: Reading. That’s right. As a kid I loved the summer reading challenges offered at the local library branch. I would walk out those doors with both arms full of books. You could have taken the grin on my face as if I had just opened a magical Christmas gift. What does this have to do with fitness or personal training?

Looking through the top library checkouts of 2022 for adult nonfiction I noticed a trend. Out of the top 20 books, 12 of them deal with eating well, self-help, healing from trauma, and understanding brain health. What does this say about our culture?

We are seeking ways to better improve our lives. You see fitness is much more than just lifting weights in a gym. Being healthy is a lifestyle. This includes mental health; and for me, that is reading right now. I find that many of my clients are motivated for self-improvement too. This requires work. A fitness lifestyle is a journey not some destination far off. As I continue to explore more reading opportunities this summer I will share more with you on what this journey can look like for you. Summer usually is associated with vacations, beaches and water. When August comes around will you be the same as you are today? Or have you taken steps this summer to improve your health?

Get ready because there is some fascinating material associated with Brain Fitness (yeah, you read that right) that I am going to start adding into personal training sessions. Current clients be ready! Future clients, I can’t wait for you to experience a new way of improving your quality of life with Restore Fitness.


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