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Produce Storage Guide for all those summer vegetables and fruits

By: Stacy Davis, MSc, PFT

Fresh produce
Fruits and vegetables in grocery store

If you are like me the produce section in the grocery store right now is so colorful and desirable that I can't help but walk through it. Selecting the produce in season is so much fun! Farmer's markets can be even better (as long as the produce is local). But when I come home the real struggle begins. First, how in the world do I store all this goodness? If the apples at the store are not in a cooler, why do I put in the crisper at home? If the onions are not next to the garlic, why do I have them in the same bowl on the counter? Oh, friends, the struggle is real! That is until I came across this guide recently.

Check it out!!! If this does not change how your fridge looks, we need to talk!

Produce Storage Guide
Download PDF • 432KB

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